Crescent Jazz

Argh! What can I say?

We've just finished two and a half years at the Crescent. Nice room, nice relaxed atmosphere. Just the people that run the place...

Here's a typical getting-into-the-crescent-to-listen-to-some-jazz experience:

Arrive at Crescent. Try to open door. It's locked. No sign of anyone around. Ring the bell. Wait a few minutes. If you're lucky (and many weren't), someone opens it. Enter lobby. Confront large "The bar is closed" sign blocking door number 2....

We tried putting a note on the front door with our mobile phone number, but they'd take it down. Unloading equipment (from car parked right outside) they'd insist on the door being locked for the few seconds it to get to the car and back.

Why do people put events on if they really don't want people to attend? Guess that's one of these am dram things that us plebs don't understand?



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