Mr Fishfingerhead

Mr FishfingerheadMany people written in asking just how Jam Session stalwart and founder of the Tax Payers Alliance Mr Fishfingerhead came to have such a curious name. In a recent  interview the Fishy one said (and I quote, never underestimiting the power of a quiet man):

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.... Many years ago, during the war, forsouth, I was trapped in the underground storage facility of a large suburban grocer. Due to looting, general civil unrest and several mad, swivel-eyed loons, the only food I had to eat for 4 long weeks was "MacRory's Quality Frozen Fishfinger product (bite size)".... WHY DO THEY STARE? ...Er, um, a consequence, I am now totally unable to eat any other foodstuff...PLEASE DON'T HURT ME... apart from the occasional halibut fritter. Mooooo. If it falls to me, to cut out the cancer of bent and twisted journalism in our country, then with a simple sword of truth, and the trusty shield of traditional British fair play, then so be it."  Fully intending to unite or die, he then ambled away, walking side to side, crab wise, in his characteristic fashion, humming "Zoom" by top eighties popster Fat Larry.

Mr Fishfingerhead is available for parties, weddings, contract killings, and general dismemberment services in and around the Birmingham area. 

Hear him sing!
See him draw an elephant!
Help him defeat evil in ......"TERROR FROM THE SKIES!"